Last night at The Green Door Store was all about the hair, shaking and flowing all over the place, obstructing the pretty faces of the girls and boys on stage. And with all the glitter left over from the Pride Parade earlier in the day, at times it was difficult to tell which was which.

Written In Waters

Thomas Truax, a grade-A cuckoo (and I mean this in the most flattering way possible), brought his friends - the Cadillac Beatspinner Wheel, the Hornicator and the Stringaling, over to Brighton all the way from Wowtown for a night of antifolk and wacky shenanigans. It was certainly an event that stood out from the sea of identical indie band clones you can see pretty much any night of the week. Looking forward to the repeat!

Thomas Truax

Yesterday Japandroids made their long-awaited return to Brighton. Certainly older. Wiser? Maybe. Even more hyped? You bet! Enjoy.


This year's edition of Paddle Something Unusual has enjoyed marvellous weather, hence the Hove Lawns and the beach were jam-packed with spectators. The floats could be divided into 2 groups - the self-promoters and those participating just for the heck of it. Not all teams managed to sail out to sea but that was balanced out by two new-born royal babies safely returning to shore. My personal favourite - the Peugeot float, especially the effort it took to pull it out of the water. The whole Superbowl team had to give the guys a helping hand.

Paddle Something Unusual

A band deciding to tour performing their debut material years after its release is nothing new although I have never seen anybody take it so literally and simply play the first album song by song, cover to cover. Anyhow, for me personally the most interesting part of the evening was the first supporting act, this (from the looks of it) very young man from London - Sivu. I generally hate these mellow one-man-plus-acoustic-guitar singer/songwriter shows (I'm still being haunted by memories of Marco Z) however this one was strangely compelling. Check the boy out if you get the chance.


Out of all the gigs I've been to over here, this was the first one that got the audience dancing. A thoroughly enjoyable evening courtesy of Pink Narcissus, Clowns and the headliner - Fat Goth.

Fat Goth

What can I say, really... Other than it's Square-freaking-pusher! Back in October I could only hope that one day instead of being high up on the balcony, sneaking my camera past security, I will be down there in the pit. But I was last Saturday and I have the snaps to prove it.


I certainly do think Brighton's local scene is really fantastic so don't get me wrong when I say sometimes it's like a breath of fresh air to get out of the dark stuffy little clubs into a venue like The Corn Exchange and watch an act as renowned and experienced as Calexico. The three songs the press was allowed to shoot wasn't much but here's the modest outcome.


Few musical acts have a more unusual line-up as AK/DK - 2 guys, 2 drum kits and a bunch of keyboards, pedals and other electronic gear. Even more unusually, it doesn't translate into an artsy-fartsy highbrow concept performance but is poppy, catchy and fun to watch.


Boys of all ages are known for their love for toys but this night was all about the girls and their weird machinery, unusual musical instruments and spooky dolls. Sarah Angliss, Bela Emerson and Ambla Quickbeam - all local and well respected on the electronic scene usually dominated by men.

Sarah Angliss

James Brown raised from the dead, Marilyn Manson turned out to have a much prettier face than everyone anticipated, Motörhead forgot how to play their own songs and AC/DC went pop. That sums up last night's events at The Prince Albert.


The small stuffy upstairs room of The Prince Albert in Brighton was filled solid last night at the sold-out penultimate night of Sea Monsters festival that featured 5 performances from local acts.

Sea Monsters 3

Brighton Noise, our cherished local gig guide, has recently become our cherished local gig organizer and decided to treat everyone to a free Christmas gig headlined by Negative Pegasus and supported by Traams and Bitches. Appropriately called Noise Night #2, it was filled with some serious drum and guitar banging.

Negative Pegasus

Blood, sweat, tattoos, piercings and really REALLY loud music at The Hope in Brighton courtesy of the insane Rodeo Death Burger, somewhat awkward Exit International, surprisingly funky and soulful Castrovalva and the headliners, Bad for Lazarus. And their hair.

Bad for Lazarus

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