Appropriately guitar-less for the night, Plurals delivered a heavier-than-usual dose of noise to Hotel Pelirocco's audience.


Second stop, not exactly on the weekend but whatever, on my psychedelic trip was the EP launch party featuring Hypnotized and supported by Speak Galactic and Occult Hand. All great representatives of the strong local electronic scene.


Last weekend I went for a double dose of the Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow at The Green Door Store, first stop featuring Trans lead by this ex-Suede fella, you may have heard of him... Bernard Butler was his name, I think. Supported by the "two-man noise assault" Kellar.


One of those nights with great acts from start to finish. Shame on those who only pop in for the headliner, shame indeed. And speaking of great supports - you should really try and catch those Sly guys live, if for no other reason than to see a band with no less than 3 drummers. And, on top of that, you can play along.

The Unit Ama

You know how you're supposed to have a glass of water before you drink an espresso to fully enjoy its flavour? Well, Synthesize Me was the glass of water before a very long cup of sludge, doom and all things dark and heavy courtesy of Iron Witch supported by Slabdragger, Sea Bastard, Caravan of Whores and Hate Fuck.

Iron Witch

It was my first time at Synthesize Me, a monthly Brighton electronic music event held at Hotel Pelirocco, accompanied by the Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow. The trippy interiors went great with the colourful bubbles swirling around and the blips and pings coming from the odd devices scattered on the table. It definitely wasn't my last time.

Hassni Malik and Nicholas Langley

When you step out of the stuffy venue and welcome the rain, you know it's been a good night. This has definitely been a good night.


I do on occasion expose myself to some pretty terrible music by showing up to gigs early. But every once in a while I catch a truly awesome supporting act, or three for that matter, that make up for that. Demob Happy might have been the headliner as well as the crowd-drawer but the highlight for me personally was the French duo - Thee Maximators.

Thee Maximators

One of Britain's most photographed birds as of late happened to be this tiny Arctic-breeding wader that graced the local kiddie paddling pool of all places and happily obliged dozens of birders every day for more than a week (closer to two weeks actually?). After dipping out on the Desert Wheatear in Worthing and the American Golden Plover at the Cuckmere last year I thought third time's the charm and decided to give twitching another go. With the proximity and good weather conditions it would have been a sin not to, even for a very casual birder like myself.

The whole experience was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel and I must admit I enjoy chasing after birds in their natural habitat more, but it was fun none the less. Probably a lot more fun than the random passers-by chuckling at the bunch of loonies lying face-down on the ground will ever realize.

Grey Phalarope

"A confrontational band, a visceral beast of eight legs and one mouth that never quits, its stream of freeform hang-loose lyricism owing a debt in style, perhaps, to literary forefathers" - Mike Diver


Fun gig, loud, lots of hair shaking, sweat splashing and guitars flying about.

The Icarus Line

It was a concert I almost didn't go to and what a waste it would have been. A great line-up from beginning til end made those 4 hours just fly by.

Acid Mothers Temple

Photos from the annual Shoreham Airshow at the Shoreham Airport.

Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4

Photos from the annual Airbourne Airshow at the Eastbourne seafront.

Red Arrows

It was great to see The Soft Moon again, this time in a larger venue with much larger speakers. Looking forward to even larger rooms with some insanely colossal columns.