One of Britain's most photographed birds as of late happened to be this tiny Arctic-breeding wader that graced the local kiddie paddling pool of all places and happily obliged dozens of birders every day for more than a week (closer to two weeks actually?). After dipping out on the Desert Wheatear in Worthing and the American Golden Plover at the Cuckmere last year I thought third time's the charm and decided to give twitching another go. With the proximity and good weather conditions it would have been a sin not to, even for a very casual birder like myself.

The whole experience was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel and I must admit I enjoy chasing after birds in their natural habitat more, but it was fun none the less. Probably a lot more fun than the random passers-by chuckling at the bunch of loonies lying face-down on the ground will ever realize.

Grey PhalaropeGrey PhalaropeGrey PhalaropeGrey PhalaropeGrey PhalaropeGrey Phalarope