Photos from the annual Shoreham Airshow at the Shoreham Airport.

Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4

Photos from the annual Airbourne Airshow at the Eastbourne seafront.

Red Arrows

This year's edition of Paddle Something Unusual has enjoyed marvellous weather, hence the Hove Lawns and the beach were jam-packed with spectators. The floats could be divided into 2 groups - the self-promoters and those participating just for the heck of it. Not all teams managed to sail out to sea but that was balanced out by two new-born royal babies safely returning to shore. My personal favourite - the Peugeot float, especially the effort it took to pull it out of the water. The whole Superbowl team had to give the guys a helping hand.

Paddle Something Unusual

Participating in photography forums I tend to observe people's attitudes towards the genres of photography they do, in particular how much fun they're having doing it. This is how I got into bird photography, it just seemed too much fun to not try it out. This year I got the same hunch about photographing aircrafts and with 2 air shows just around the corner from where I live I decided to give it a go.