Participating in photography forums I tend to observe people's attitudes towards the genres of photography they do, in particular how much fun they're having doing it. This is how I got into bird photography, it just seemed too much fun to not try it out. This year I got the same hunch about photographing aircrafts and with 2 air shows just around the corner from where I live I decided to give it a go.

Airbourne, Eastbourne Airshow 2012

Red Bull Matadors

Red Bull MatadorsRed Bull MatadorsRed Bull MatadorsRed Bull Matadors

Breitling Wingwalkers

Breitling WingwalkersBreitling WingwalkersBreitling WingwalkersBreitling Wingwalkers

Shoreham Airshow 2012

Avro Vulcan

Avro VulcanAvro VulcanAvro VulcanAvro Vulcan

Panavia Tornado GR4

Panavia Tornado GR4Panavia Tornado GR4

Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker

Fokker Dr.I DreideckerFokker Dr.I Dreidecker

Consolidated PBY Catalina

Consolidated PBY CatalinaConsolidated PBY Catalina

Beechcraft King Air B200

Beechcraft King Air B200

Olympia 2b Glider

Olympia 2b Glider