Since I'm quite new to Brighton & Hove, Brighton Noise is basically saving my life in terms of what to see and where to see it. Recently I wrote them asking if they'd have me as a contributor, next thing I know they're getting me a pit pass to Portico Quartet supported by Taylor McFerrin at Concorde 2. It just so happened they were sending a reviewer there but were still missing a willing photographer. I jumped at the opportunity and even went as far as to get yet another lens (lucky number 7), the marvellous 35/1.8, the best lens 120 pounds can buy. See the outcome below.

Taylor McFerrin

Taylor McFerrinTaylor McFerrin20121017221138Taylor McFerrinTaylor McFerrin

Portico Quartet

Portico QuartetPortico QuartetPortico QuartetPortico Quartet


Portico Quartet ft. CorneliaPortico Quartet ft. CorneliaPortico Quartet ft. Cornelia